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Board/Committee Openings

If interested in these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Barbara Maier via e-mail at or phone 919-989-7822

Communications Chair:

In close coordination with President, responsible for weekly and urgent affiliate news updates and reminders via MailChimp: upcoming Signature Programs, Public Education Programs, legislative news/advocacy, mental health community events, educational articles (brief), and more.

In close coordination with Membership coordinator and Program Chairs, maintenance and coordination of survey monkey contacts: timely addition to mailing list of new members, lapsed members up to 2 years, signature program graduates, non-NAMI members who attend Public Education Meetings or any other NAMI OC functions, “NAMI in the Lobby” and other “tabling” contacts, Help Line callers, “In Our Own Voice” attendees, area providers and mental health oriented non-profits, and more.

Membership Coordinator:

Responsible for entering new members into NAMI 360, updating membership status monthly, sending out renewal/lapsed membership reminders.

Responsible for welcoming new members and informing them about and inviting them to upcoming events, classes, programs.

*Asking whether new member is interested in volunteering.

*If so, pass contact information on to Volunteer Coordinator and let new member know they will be contacted.


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