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Suicide Notes | What Every Person Thinking of Suicide Must Write in Theirs

Dear Suicide,

I’ve come to know a few things about you. You are a liar. I don’t need ways out of my life. I need life now more than ever. You give me false pretenses and thoughts that “others don’t know, don’t care and could never understand.”  However, that is not true at all.

I did not choose my parents, the day I entered this Earth and, God knows, my creator never intended me to choose when I leave the Earth.  I’ll leave that day, also, to my creator! I will not quit reaching, praying and extending my faith past my circumstances. Yes, faith is where I will stand.  No matter the darkness that I perceive that encompasses me, there is light.  I can remember every single time I’ve felt love and given love…  I must live to give love and will no longer think to honor you.

Suicide, you are a liar. I rebuke you and command you to remove yourself from my thoughts and my presence as you are truly the enemy of life, love and redemption. My story does not end here.

As long as my body has life inside of it, I know that my creator has a purpose for me and I will bow to no other calling than the call to live in faith.  Faith in tomorrow, faith in love, and faith in my creator.

Suicide Quote

I can be an example of redemption, care and love. I will never surrender.  Love rules my heart.  I have to go now.  Life is waiting for me!

Goodbye you liar. Goodbye!

Truly not yours,


SOURCE: Blog Posted By: Zecharia Gilbert, NAMI Cook Country North Suburban, Illinois


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