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Having Trouble Quitting Smoking? Consider participating in the ‘Quit on the Go’ Trial!

We are a research team at Duke University working to evaluate and test smartphone apps to improve health behaviors.

The purpose of this study, the ‘Quit on the Go’ Trial, is to learn more about the usability and feasibility of smoking cessation apps for those who suffer with mental illness. We are looking for smokers who have been diagnosed with mental illness who want to change their smoking habits.

If you choose to participate in the study, you will receive a smartphone with a smoking cessation app to use while in the study. Also, we will provide you with nicotine patches and lozenges as part of your study participation at no charge. Study participation will last for a period of about four months. Other than using the app during that time, you would come in for a few sessions to complete assessments, smartphone coaching, and interviews (about your experience with technology, smoking habits, etc.). Compensation will be provided.

Findings from this study will help researchers and health providers to better understand the unique challenges of quitting smoking for those with mental illness, and improve smoking cessation apps tailored to different populations.

If you would like to learn more about the study, please contact the research team (information below). We will need to ask you a few more questions to help determine whether you are eligible to participate in the study.


Roger Vilardaga, PhD, Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor


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